• Project Synergise! is about shifting to a

    regenerative, thriveable world by 2050.

    We currently live in an unbalanced world where the scales are tipped toward the wealthy and those who are promoting business as usual at the cost of our planet. The most immediate thing we can do now in this time of coronavirus is to take action about something we care about and begin to emerge from the anxiety, fear, and hopelessness that afflict so many at this time. For that we need to jump into our strategic psychological helicopter and imagine how life could be after the coronavirus- and explore how we can contribute to this transition to a fairer, more regenerative and thriveable world.


    Come join us and engage with other

    changemakers to rebalance our unbalanced world!

  • Project Synergise is creating an interactive storyworld

    that catalyses synergistic innovation

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